KXBX 1270 AM / 96.5 FM

Playing the standards that made AM Radio Great!

  • CBS News
  • Dave Ross
  • Katie Couric
  • Oakland Athletics
  • San Jose Sharks

KXBX AM is a positive mix of the great AM radio standards including the Carpenters, Dan Fogelburg, The Beatles, Elvis and more

KXBX AM is delivers a 45+ demographic with disposable incomes and buyers of BMWs, Harleys, cruises and vacation homes. This demo lives life to the fullest!

KXBX AM Professional Sports carries The Oakland Athletics and the San Jose Sharks.

KXBX AM is a CBS News affiliate, with feature presentations like, Charles Osgood, Dave Ross, and the award winning World News Round Up each Monday – Friday morning….just to highlight the line-up.

Well delivered and focused…KXBX AM is a solid generational choice for consistent reach of this ever important buying lifestyle.

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